The Hiway Chef Restaurant is the Locals‘ favorite. Located inside the Tucson Truck Terminal in Tucson, Arizona, the Triple T was founded by Ira T. and Sallie Sue Morris in 1954. In 1966 the truck stop moved from East Benson Hwy to Interstate 10 at the Craycroft exit (exit #268).

In 1996, Omar Ramirez came on board to run the Hiway Chef Restaurant. Ramirez is a Tucson native and a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and was named Chef of the Year by the Southern Arizona Chef‘s Association in 1998.

The Hiway Chef was featured on the Food Network‘s Top 5 shows, 18 Meals segment where it was awarded the honor of being the Number 2 truck stop in the country. We have also been highlighted in many newspapers, magazines, and trucking gazettes.

The menu at the Hiway Chef is a classic truck stop fare with an emphasis on the 24-hour breakfast. Most of our customers appreciate the fact that they can get breakfast at any time. We encompass a diversified American Bistro, Mexican Cantina, and Italian Trattoria selection. All of the food is prepared on the premises and the portions are more than ample.

The dessert selection starts with our signature dessert, the Deep Dish Hot Apple Pie, mounded with soft serve ice cream. This is the kind of dessert that has you craving it from 100 miles out. Also featured are the peach and cherry deep-dish pies, assorted other pies, sweet rolls, cakes, and ice cream desserts.

Omar’s has a clean and friendly atmosphere with a staff that has been there for years. It is the kind of place where your Aunt Annie might have been pouring coffee, passing out pie, and giving advice when you were growing up.

The restaurant is divided into two distinct rooms. The front room is a red-boothed coffee shop with a U-shaped counter, a truck stop standard. The airy dining room is an emerald green oasis with desert-themed windows and a professionally managed forest of exotic plants. Each room is homey and well-lit, with free Wi-Fi accessible throughout, so you can catch up on your email or watch your favorite drama online. In fact, the truck stop‘s Wi-Fi access runs out to the parking lot.

The menu at the Hiway Chef is one of the most extensive menus around. It features daily specials, soup du jour, your typical ground beef selections, and over-portioned breakfasts like the I-10 Belly Buster, the spicy sweat-causing Chorizo Con Huevos, the moon-sized pancakes, strawberry waffles, bacon and eggs cooked your way, and biscuits with cream gravy. On the lunch and dinner menus you will find a variety of Mexican entrees, country fried steak, and spaghetti and meatballs. This is the kind of place that if you leave hungry, you didn‘t order!

Omar‘s is also a kid-friendly establishment. We have a fifteen-item children‘s menu that can be crayoned, eaten off of, and then taken home.

Whether you want to spend a little or a lot,Omar‘s Hiway Chef Restaurant is the place to go!Omar‘s Hiway Chef Restaurant is the place to go!


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